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Amann Umrah is the first package of its kind from Pakistan dedicated to luxury, efficiency, privacy and comfort of the highest standards. Our highly-trained staff members are geared towards satisfying the needs of our most exclusive clientele, 24-hours a day for the duration of the experience.

With decades worth of experience, Amann Umrah has emerged from a strong base of associate networks.

Amann Umrah provides a new line of Umrah Packages offered by Sonya Travels, a key player in the Pakistan market and a pioneer in the automation of the travel industry for the past three decades. Sonya began selling Umrah packages as late as 2001, following regulatory changes in Saudi and Pakistan. Today, Sonya is the largest Umrah service provider in Pakistan with offices dotted across the country from Peshawar in the north to Karachi in the south. Sonya has expanded its operations to Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah, Dubai and Cairo.

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We are the best and most unique Travel Agency and Umrah service providers in Pakistan. We ensure that we provide our customers the best available experience in absolute comfort. Amann Umrah is a premium brand of Pakistan’s biggest Travel Agency network, Sonya Travels (Pvt) Ltd. in the trade for over 25 years. This has enabled us to provide the best services to our valued clients.

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We provide customized Umrah bookings 2017. Crafted and handpicked according to your needs and aspirations your customized Umrah booking 2017 is just a call away. We know that you are special, that is why we provide an experience tailor made for you.

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Travelling out of Pakistan today often involves more grief than joy. After being pushed around at the airport, with check in queues, body searches, customs and immigration one finally makes it to the waiting area of the terminal to waste two hours till take-off. The aircraft is either old, shabby and falling apart, or one chooses a better aircraft on a more efficient airline, which does not offer a direct flight to your chosen destination, and means wasting time with miles of walking through transit, to a trap designed to make you do unnecessary shopping at prices that are really not a bargain.

The journey is certainly not a joy ride, due to the attitude of inexperienced cabin crew who boss you around but are never available when you need them Finally, when you land at your destination you are jostled by the rush of passengers trying to beat you to the front of the immigration queue. A long wait finally gets you past immigration, only to be followed by an even longer wait for the endless luggage arrival process if you are lucky; otherwise you are informed that your luggage is lost. Your journey is spoilt even before it has started.

We, at Amann Umrah have planned and created a journey of joy for a select few elite Pakistani customers who with their family and friends will treasure forever as the experience of a lifetime. We promise you that we will leave you with a memory that you will remember for the rest of your lives.

For your personal aircraft we give you a choice of either an AIRBUS A318 ELITE or an EMBRAIER LINEAGE. Both aircraft seat 19 passengers with a crew of 2 pilots, a flight engineer and 2 cabin crew. When I went to select the aircraft we would take, I looked at 8 different type of private jet. I was getting bored of the selection when suddenly we drove up to two spectacular aircraft that stood out as very special. They were bigger, much bigger than the regular private jets; to be exact, their length was four times that of a normal private jet. I was reminded of a line in one of my favourite movies, Crocodile Dundee, ‘That’s not a knife, that’s a knife.’

In our Blue Diamond package, you choose your aircraft, you arrive half an hour before take-off, you fast track all airport procedures, you go through VIP facilities for private jets, till you take off to enjoy a peaceful and private flight with your family and loved ones Every luxury is provided, gourmet meals, your favourite movies or business news channels, personalized service by charming cabin crew for whom you are special. The aircraft has a full shower bathroom to ensure you arrive fresh at your destination, with bedroom, study or lounge to give you the journey you want.

Arrival in Jeddah is a dream. A Mercedes or BMW limo takes you from the aircraft to the VIP lounge, where you are politely received, moved through a private immigration process with no crowds and no queues, into the VIP lounge where you are served a light snack while your attendant collects your luggage and deposits it in your transport (either a luxury Mercedes or BMW limousine or a special luxury bus exclusively for your group).

At Mecca we offer you a choice of two hotels, The Fairmont & the Intercontinental. We have selected these for their suites and service. Blue Diamond passengers require not just a five-star hotel, but one with the best suites and service. The hotel management recognises that Blue Diamond guests are special, and they provide a special reception and service to them. All suites offer proximity and views of the Haram Sharif.

Your only complaint about the journey from Mecca to Medina will be that the comfort and luxury makes the journey feel too short. We also provide guides with a knowledge of the history to show you the sites where the exciting events of the time of the Prophet actually took place, to combine religious tourism to your pilgrimage.

In Medina, our arrangements are as good as in Mecca. Here we have chosen two hotel options, The Hilton and The Intercontinental. Once again all suites. We are confident that you will be happy with our selection. From Medina you drive directly to the airport, where you are quickly and peacefully moved from your limousine to your private aircraft – no waiting, no waste of time, no inconvenience, no queues.

The entire journey will comprise 3 nights. You will leave your home at a convenient hour on Thursday, say your Friday prayers in Mecca, where you will spend 2 nights, with one night to follow in Medina. You will be back home by Sunday night, and in office on Monday morning, fresh, rested and with a clear mind. A short journey that will give you a long-lasting memory that will remain with you all your life. The question is can there be a better gift for your parents and loved ones to celebrate your success through this memorable journey to house of Allah.

Your s sincerely

Ejaz Raheem
CEO Amann Umrah