What is Amann Umrah?

Amann Umrah is the most prestigious assortment of Umrah Packages available globally today – all exclusively through Amann Umrah. The comfort and convenience on offer are unparalleled as is the access to VIP lounges and special immigration terminals. This saves previous time and helps you focus on performing your Umrah with peace of mind. There are several special features on offer that can be tailored to fit your budget.

Amann Umrah allows you to select features that appeal the most to your taste without leaving a dent in your pocket. No one knows your requirements better than you, so you decide whether you want to utilise the VIP lounge and immigration services to escape the regular terminal or whether you would rather take a ride in a luxury saloon from the tarmac to the regular terminal instead. You get to decide whether to travel by Business Class, First Class or state of the art private jet.

How do I book an Amann Umrah?

Call one of our trusted agents at 03XX-XXXXXXX to customise your plan and book now.

You may also approach our field office in your territory and meet our staff in person before completing a sale.

What is the Blue Diamond Package?

Amann Umrah’s Blue Diamond Package is the standard bearer for class, excellence and comfort beyond what was available to pilgrims before. These packages are highly sought after and exclusive – no more than 19 passengers may board at one time.

The Blue Diamond package includes all the additional features Amann Umrah has to offer. It is the most sought after package for business elite since its inception.

What is the Star Ruby Package?

The major difference between the Star Ruby Package and Blue Diamond Package is that the flights on offer are First Class and the Hotel Rooms are Standard. Otherwise all the same features and amenities are on offer in the Star Ruby Package.

What is the Emerald Package?

The Emerald Package is Amann Umrah’s 5 Star offering to pilgrims across the World. It offers Business Class travel and rooms in the most sought after hotels at Makkah Clock Tower. Despite being the most basic package on offer, the Emerald Package is still a cut above regular so-called 5 Star packages with its special features, including the flexibility to take your Household Help along to facilitate your journey whilst also offering your help the opportunity to visit the House of Allah.

Do I have to select one of the Blue Diamond, Star Ruby or Emerald packages?

These packages are a guideline – from the top of the line Blue Diamond to the 5 Star Emerald Package – you may choose to add any feature that Amann Umrah has to offer. You could select ‘Special Immigration Protocol’ to skip the regular Hajj Terminal in Jeddah and accompany us through a special terminal after your regular economy flight and then proceed to Makkah on your own. The level of choice and dexterity on offer here is unprecedented.

Can I select any feature I want to suit my budget?

Yes, you can select any number of features to suit your budget. You could select just one feature if you like, or many. The choice is yours.

eg. If you have difficulties with mobility or wish to take someone with mobility issues, you can avail the facilities of an Amann Umrah specialist that will provide wheelchair assistance throughout the duration of Umrah. You don’t have to avail any other service on offer.

Similarly, you can avail all the features except the private jet travel to suit your budget whilst taking advantage of the most exclusive services available in the Kingdom.

What are the flying options available?

You can fly to Jeddah via private jet with a capacity of up to 19 passengers for the ultimate indulgence. Amann Umrah allows you to select between a Lineage 1000 jet and an A 318 – both aircrafts have been carefully selected for being equipped with the latest amenities and containing the corresponding ‘wow’ factor that is associated with private jets of this calibre.

You may select the comfort of first class / business class for its spacious legroom and superior service, or simply select an economy ticket. The choice is yours.